Company Description

Ueno Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture and manufactures electronic components called noise suppression coils and noise filter coils, which block signals that cause malfunctions in electronic equipment.

We specialize in ring-shaped coils (toroidal coils) and in FY2004 our company was recognized as producing the most toroidal coils in Japan.

Although consumers do not directly come into contact with our work, Ueno products are commonly used in items crucial to daily life, including appliances, daily necessities, and goods for receiving information, such as rice cookers, air conditioners, computers, and cars.

List of products

  • Common mode choke coils (AC)
  • Common mode choke coils (DC)
  • Normal mode choke coils
  • Ferrite core for radiation noise suppression
  • Power circuit components
  • SMD components
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