Ueno Co., Ltd. is picked up in a magazine, “Gekkan Shonai Kozo”

Ueno Co., Ltd. Mikawa factory is introduced in a comunity magazine, “Gekkan Shonai Kozo”, in December 2015 issue.  The factory is picked up in a section of ‘the recommendation for social studies trip’.  We have the aricle translated in English as follows.


Ueno Co. Ltd. noise filter coil has the highest domestic market share.

Coils are important electronic parts which eliminate noise and prevent malfunctions. They are essential parts for all electronic products such as computers, refrigerators, and even in industrial facilities. In 2007, Ueno Co. Ltd., a company manufacturing coils, has the achievement of being the world’s first firm to mass-produce toroidal coils by automation. Also, the company is deeply associated with car makers in developing new cars, which have been improving its control devices.
From the leader of the Mikawa factory, Toshiharu Chonan: The demand for coils is increasing year by year.  We are aiming to acquire the highest international market share by offering our in-house developed product, “Ueno Coil”, which has better quality and is smaller in size than any other coils. We welcome groups such as school students for tours of our factory.


Picture Caption 1:  Since 2007 when Ueno Co. Ltd. introduced its in-house invented automatic winding machines to manufacture toroidal coils (O-shaped core wound with copper wire), the company has been trying to improve the quality of the machines and increase their numbers.

2:  In the Mikawa factory, 550,000 to 600,000 units of coils are produced every month. Almost all the products are manufactured to-order.

3:  29 of the automatic winding machines are operating for 24 hours non-stop.

4:  Complete automation system from copper wire winding to soldering.

5: It’s just so fun to observe robots working accurately and rhythmically.

6: Investigating point to be improved by a slow motion camera that was recently introduced.