Nikkan Kogyo Simbun newspaper article of Ueno.,Ltd

An interview with Ryuichi Ueno, President and Representative Director of Ueno Co., Ltd., was reported in a newspaper Nikkan kogyo Simbun on the 29th of September 2015. It reported about a market development of our next generation coil “Ueno Coil”, which was invented in-house. We have the interview translated in English as follows.



(newspaper article)

Ueno Co., Ltd., a noise filter coil manufacturer, places a great deal of effort into developing its in-house invented next generation of product, the “Ueno Coil”. The next generation of coil is a square-shaped coil winded with a rectangular copper wire. The coil has superior properties to any other ordinal noise elimination coils for its quality, stability of delivery deadlines, and low material cost. We interviewed Ryuichi Ueno about exploration of the market of the next generation of coil.


-Tell us the basic ideas of pioneering the market of the “Ueno Coil” which has started the full-scale production.

Basically, my idea of creating a new market for the Ueno Coil is to switch over from the existing ordinal coil market to the next generation of coil market. There are two approaches. One is to replace our toroidal coil (O-shaped core type) market share with the Ueno Coil. For instance, our company’s ordinal coil (mainly used for air-conditioner) has the greatest market share in the domestic market. Our aim is to replace the share of our ordinal coil with the Ueno Coil. The other approach is to create an entirely new market for the Ueno Coil overseas.


-What is the difference between the Ueno Coil and the ordinal coil?

The main feature of the Ueno Coil is “one coil with two product capacities”. We place the most importance on the differentiation of the product. The Ueno Coil has better quality than any other ordinal coils. Generally, two ordinal coils are needed to handle the high and low frequency zones. However, we made it possible to place just one Ueno Coil instead. So far roughly 70 percent of the cases were successful. Yet, the Ueno Coil is still not entirely perfect. We aim to succeed in all cases as it is our forthcoming challenge. It would be the best sales pitch if we could say that the product has perfectly succeeded so far.


-As for the cost?

The advantage of the Ueno Coil is low material cost. The Ueno Coil needs less copper wire that takes half of the total material cost. Moreover, we invented automatic winding machines for both ordinal coils and new coils and have already introduced these machines. We realized cost-reduction by using the automatic winding machines for new coils. Furthermore, the automatic winding machines take a shorter time to manufacture the new coils. I would say the Ueno Coil is a very meaningful development for the society itself too.


-What is your strategy to expand the market share?

I want to expand our market share by aiming to acquire a greater volume of orders. I feel that the Ueno Coil penetrates the market gradually.


Check point

Increasing orders from China, Korea, and Taiwan

The Ueno Coil has had excellent feedback from customers. However, Mr. Ueno speculates that it requires courage for customers to entirely replace with the new coils. It is expected that the number of orders of the Ueno Coil in 2015 would be about 14,000,000units (January to October). At present, the result of this year has remarkably increased in comparison to that of last year. There has been an increase in orders from power supply manufacturers in the countries of China, Korea, and Taiwan. Now the company is planning to mass-produce the Ueno Coil, and work on the complete automation of the manufacturing system of the Ueno Coil. (Nikkan kogyo Simbun on the 29th of September 2015)