Power circuit components

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Smoothing・Boost choke coils

Series Features Core
UHP(BCS、BSF) [1] Sendust core
(Some products can made by Winding Machine
UHP(BCS、BSF) [2] Sendust core Fe-Si-al
UHP(BCS、BSF) [3] Sendust core Fe-Si-al
BCW Power flux core Fe-Si
BCH Hi flux core Fe-Ni
BCN Neuflux core Fe-Ni
BCM MPP core Ni-Fe-Mo
AMC Fe-Base amorphous alloy Fe-Base-amorphous alloy
APH Fe-Base amorphous powder Fe-Base-amorphous powder
MGB-G Iron powder GAP Ni-Zn Ferrite
DS Drum Core Ni-Zn Ferrite
BS Stick Core Ni-Zn Ferrite

Saturable reactor

Series Features Core
AMS MAG-AMP Co-Base-amorphous alloy

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  • Common mode choke coils (AC)
  • Common mode choke coils (DC)
  • Normal mode choke coils
  • Ferrite core for radiation noise suppression
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