Information on automatic winding machines

Production is carried out in Japan (Mikawa Plant) 24 hours a day.
Inconsistent pressure applied by different laborers when winding coils leads to variation in quality, a problem encountered by not only our company, but all manufacturers utilizing conventional methods of assemblage (manual toroidal coil production).

The ability to produce uniform quality by using automated machines that wrap coils with a constant pressure is a groundbreaking feat in toroidal coil manufacturing, and produces a marked difference to conventional methods of assemblage (manual production).

Our company excels in every aspect, including production efficiency, economy, and delivery, but automated winding machines in particular are a significant factor in our ability to produce superior products.

  Manual production Automated production
Tensile strength applied when winding coils Inconsistent tensile strength applied when winding coils Uniform tensile strength applied when winding coils
Degree of adhesion between wire and core Wire and core do not adhere to one another because the wire is not compressed onto the core Wire and core adhere to one another because the wire is compressed onto the core during winding
Winding pattern Winding pattern differs with each laborer The winding pattern is constant because winding is conducted while mapping the core with a constant angle
Winding speed Winding speed is inconsistent, depending on the laborer, and slow because it is manually carried out. Winding speed is constant and swift because it is accomplished by machine.





Supported products

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Normal mode coils

Summary of processes (ADR-25 series)

As shown below, our entire production system is automated, from winding to L-value inspections.
The photos and video below show the automated winding machines at work.

片側巻線 両側巻線 被膜剥離
One-sided winding Two-sided winding Insulation stripping
はんだ揚げ リード成形・切断 リードピッチ・L値確認
Soldering process Lead forming/trimming Lead pitch/L-value confirmation

Video: Common mode toroidal coil


Insulation stripping

Soldering process

Forming/lead cut


Video: Normal mode toroidal coil



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