What is Ueno Coil?

Uniquely developed.

Ueno Coil is the mechanically wound products by the high-speed automatic winding machine.

It’s excellent in the denoising special quality.

There is no worry of a layer short circuit.

The amount of copper wire can be reduced, for the necessary length of the lead wire in manual winding is not required.

There are 4 core sizes products, UC15,UC19,UC24, and UC35.


UC35 series


UC35 series are the equivalent products to Toroidal Coil ADR25.

These products can apply for rate current 10A-25A.

The pin pitch is compatible with ADR25’s, so can be replaced easily.

We realize the lower price than ADR25’s which UC35 is the equivalent to.

Even for ADR31 series, there is a possible alternative case with 2 pcs. Of UC35.

(Rated current equal-footprint comparable, height is low, low cost)

The line-up of UC35 series, click here.


UC15、UC19、UC24 series


Using flat copper wire, with single layer, numerously wound coils is achieved.

After the mass production starts in 2013, over 18million pieces of Ueno Coil are shipped.

There are some cases that, the comprising of high frequency toroidal coils plus low frequency toroidal coils is replaced to one Ueno Coil.

There are two types of shape, Vertical and Horizontal type. The former makes the mounting area of substrate smaller, the latter height lower.

The line-up of UC15,UC19,UC24 series, click here.


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  • Common mode choke coils (DC)
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  • Ferrite core for radiation noise suppression
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