What are Ueno products used in?

Noise suppression coils (noise filter coils) are used in all everyday electronic items including, household appliances, OA equipment, cars, and play toys.

Though not directly obvious to the consumer, they used in items crucial to daily life, including appliances, daily necessities, and goods for receiving information.

A noise filter coil used in a computer

The picture below is of the inside of a computer.

Can you see where the noise filter coil is used?

The noise filter coil is circled in red.

An enlarged image of the noise filter coil

Although not visible to the consumer, Ueno noise filter coils are used in this kind of equipment.

List of products

  • Common mode choke coils (AC)
  • Common mode choke coils (DC)
  • Normal mode choke coils
  • Ferrite core for radiation noise suppression
  • Power circuit components
  • SMD components
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