For many years, noise filter toroidal coils, our company’s staple products, were manually wound.

Despite fulfilling the function of eliminating power-supply noise, we were unable to get away from the typical labor-intensive manufacturing of that production method.

The primary reasons for not mechanizing that process were an unavoidable rise in costs due to the necessity of considerable investment needed to develop winding machines in relation to the selling price of coils, and the high price of manufacturing winding machines.

Therefore, not only our company, but all companies manufacturing toroidal coils switched production bases in search of low-wage regions.

Although the inconsistency in quality due to manual winding was frequently pointed out by users, the necessity of substantial capital to develop winding machines leads to prohibitively expensive pricing of coils.

For this reason, manual winding is still practiced as a compromise between quality and cost.

Our company resolved to break down this barrier inhibiting toroidal coil production, and from 2004 began to develop an automated winding machine. It was a huge challenge and an adventure for a small-to-medium-sized enterprise like ours, but fortunately we received support and cooperation from pertinent organizations in addition to companies that manufacture automated machines who worked diligently with us, and in 2010 the first stage of the project was completed. We continued with our efforts and undertook the second and third stages of the project, and today, in 2012, we have established a goal of mechanizing approximately half of the coils we produce.

For a manufacturing company, 1. stabilization and differentiation of quality, 2. efficient minimization of delivery time, and 3. all-out effort to further reduce costs are important.

The third phase of the project will modify the conventional toroidal (ring-shaped) design and greatly strengthen the 3 aforementioned elements of manufacturing.

The year 2012 marks the 30 year since our company’s establishment. Though this enterprise began as a sideline, our company foundations are at last being put into place.

With this as a turning point, as a manufacturer of noise filter coils, we will strive to win by being a step ahead of the game.

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  • Ferrite core for radiation noise suppression
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