January 1982 Began as a business that winds toroidal coils.
June 1984 Established as Ueno Manufacturing, Ltd.
October 1996 Changed company name to Ueno Co., Ltd.
August 1998 Opened the Amarume Factory for automated winding of toroidal coils.
October 1999 Acquired ISO9002 certification.
May 2000 Received financing from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
October 2000 Became certified under the Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises.
January 2003 Acquired ISO9002/2000 certification.
March 2003 Opened an office in Dongguan, the People’s Republic of China.
April 2004 Established Hong Kong Ueno Co., Ltd.
June 2004 Received recognition from the Tohoku Regional Advancement Center for producing the most toroidal coils in Japan.
October 2004 Established a factory in the People’s Republic of China (Dongguan Ueno).
May 2005 Established the Mikawa Factory in Yamagata Prefecture (distribution center, automated factory).
September 2005 Increased capital to 65 million yen.
December 2005 Increased capital to 91.25 million yen.
December 2005 Received financing from Challenge Yamagata Fund.
January 2006 Opened a coil design center in Seoul, Korea.
January 2006 Received the ‘Shiawase Industry Award’ from Yamagata Shiawase Industry Promotion Fund.
May 2006 Increased capital to 12.7 million yen.
August 2006 Opened a sales office in Osaka.
January 2007 Acquired ISO14001 certification (Head Office).
October 2007 Received the Management Innovation Award from Yamagata Prefecture.
November 2007 Increased capital to 237.7 million yen.
March 2008 Increased capital to 262.7 million yen.
May 2008 Increased capital to 292.7 million yen.
October 2008 Opened a distribution center in Dalian, the People’s Republic of China.
November 2008 Received the ‘Nikkei Manufacturing Grand Prize’ (Nikkei BP Special Award).
January 2009 Received the ‘Tohoku New Business Award.’
February 2009 Increased capital to 367.7 million yen.
April 2009 Selected as one of the ‘300 Sound Small-and-Medium-Sized Manufacturers of 2009.’
August 2009 Received the ‘Japan Manufacturing Grand Prize, Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director’s Award.’
December 2009 Moved the distribution center in Dalian, China to expand business and established Dalian Ueno.
April 2010 Received a ‘Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Technology Category).’
December 2010 Increased capital to 412.7 million yen.
September 2011 Received the ‘Industry Award’ from Yamagata Prefecture.
November 2011 Opened the Fujishima Factory in Yamagata Prefecture and the Hachinohe Factory in Aomori Prefecture.
March 2014 Selected the ‘Grobal niche top companies 100’ from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
September 2014 Established THAI UENO COIL CO.,LTD. in Bangkok,Thailand.
February 2015 Received the ‘Machine Promotion Association Chairman’s Award’.


List of products

  • Common mode choke coils (AC)
  • Common mode choke coils (DC)
  • Normal mode choke coils
  • Ferrite core for radiation noise suppression
  • Power circuit components
  • SMD components
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